A number of years ago, I started teaching online for some of the first-to-market schools. As my motivation was to share some of what I had learned over the years, I initially only taught technology and technology management courses. However, over time I developed better online teaching techniques, got more teaching offers, and started to branch out in terms of course content. Now I have nearly two decades of online teaching experience, which broadened my expertise, especially in the use of multiple learning management systems (Canvas, Blackboard, eCollege, Moodle, Angel, D2L, Bisk, etc.). Moreover, I have course development experience using various instructional design methods and numerous delivery modalities.
Mark Revels Teaching
The following is a brief selected list of online courses taught:

  • CIS141 Basic Computer Literacy. CIS440 Management of Information Technology, Special Topics, CIT300 Online Training Foundations, CIT352 Database Administration II, CIT412 Advanced Systems Architecture I, CIT 414 Advanced Systems Architecture II, CIT452 Advanced Database Administration I, CIT454 Advanced Database Administration II, CIT456 Systems Analysis and Design I, CIT456 Systems Analysis and Design II, CIT 486 Knowledge Management, CIS243 Introduction to Information Systems, LEAD200 Introduction to Leadership Studies, SM443 Business Intelligence, SM346 Systems Resource Development.
  • CSS417 Database Administration, CMGT424 Information Systems Management, CMGT320 Organizations & Technology, CMGT330 Ethics in Information Technology, CSS558/9 Database Concepts I & II, BSA375 Fundamentals of Business Systems Development, EBUS400 E-Business, MGT350/PHL251 Critical Thinking, GEN300 Skills for Professional Development.
  • HRM5000 Human Resources Management, HRM5001 Recruitment and Human Resources Information Systems, HRM5002 Compensation Issues in Human Resources Management, CIS7007 Information Security and Outsourcing Computer Systems, CIS7008 Advanced Risk Management in Information Assurance and Security, CIS7009 Information Assurance from Legal and Ethical Issues Aspects, CIS8010 Computer Information and Security Doctoral Business Capstone Project (DBA & PHD), CS5005 Database Management, CS5015 Distributed Computing, CS7005 Complex Database Management Systems, CS7014 Software Engineering Fundamentals for Technology Leaders.
  • BUS361 – Information Systems in Management, CIS251 Systems Development Methods, CIS351 System Modeling and Design, CIS403 Systems Development Project, INF131 Internet and the World Wide Web, INF111 Information System Theory.
  • MIS300 Management Information Systems, MIS400 Systems Analysis & Design, MIS310 Information System Architectures and Technology, MIS478 Quantitative Methods and Analysis.
  • IFSM 201 Introduction to Computer-Based Systems, IFSM 300 Information Systems in Organizations, IFSM304 Ethics in the Information Age.

Please note that I have successfully taught over 1000 online course sections to date.

Selected exemplary teaching evaluations follow:

A list of comprehensive teaching evaluations is available, so please ask if you are interested.

Also, if you need an experienced online adjunct or course developer, please be sure to contact me. I will send you a detailed curriculum vitae in addition to solid references. Here is a sample selected endorsement:

“Thank you so much for all of your diligent work on this project.  It has been truly appreciated, and we really hope to work with you again in the future.  You will be first on our list to call!  You were such a valuable part of this team, and I know the IDs will miss working with you.  I especially appreciate your willingness to do the program-level evaluation and review of the capstone.  Thank you for your quick responses and your enthusiasm, which, on top of your expertise, really make you a go-to person for us.”

-A. Tell

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