I recently co-authored the text Introduction to Healthcare Information Technology with Mark Ciampa. The text takes an in-depth and

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comprehensive view of HIT by examining healthcare regulatory requirements, the functions of a healthcare organization and its medical business operations in addition to IT hardware, software, networking, and security.

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Software defined radio (SDR) is a relatively new technology that replaces hardware radio components with computer software. However, now that SDR development software is freely available via open source, hackers (people who break into systems) are reportedly downloading SDR software and using it to hack various wireless devices and systems, potentially including ADS-B aircraft transponders.

While there is little academic literature describing the use of SDR as a tool for hacking wireless systems, the Internet is replete with examples. Even so, it is unclear how accurate these examples are, and if the hacking methods are as easily accomplished as portrayed. The question to be answered by this research is: Can SDR development software be easily and inexpensively used to hack into ADS-B aircraft transponders?

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